Extended-Length & Low-Level Float Switches

Use these switches to measure very small quantities of liquid, detect liquid near the top or bottom of a chamber or detect liquid at multiple points. If you do not see an item on our site that will address your needs, please contact us to discuss your application.

Part Number

FLT213 FLT893 FLT224 FLT209 FLT009


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Threading Type M8 M10 M10 M8 1/8" NPT
Straight Threading
Fastening Nut Included
Seals via Included Silicon O-ring
Tapered Threading
Self Seals When Mounting
Stem Material POM POM POM POM 316 Stainless
Float Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Integrated Slosh Guard
Float Specific Gravity .8 .8 .8 .8 .55
Temperature Rating -10 to +80C -10 to +80C -10 to +80C -10 to +80C Max 105C
Float Diameter .9" / 23mm .9" / 23mm .9" / 23mm .7" / 18mm 1.89" / 48mm
Stem Length (overall) 2.9" / 75mm 4.3" / 109mm 4.9" / 124mm 1.4" / 36mm 2.3" / 58mm
Lead Wires 22 ga., 48" 22 ga., 12" 22 ga., 48" 22 ga., 9" 22 ga., 24"
Normally Closed Normally-Open Normally-Open
Invert Float to Reverse to Normally Open Operation Invert float for N/C
Normally Open Version Available by Special Order Standard N/O
Internal Reed UL Recognized
Overall Part UL Recognized
Large Photo FLT213 Large Photo FLT893 Large Photo FLT224 Large Photo FLT209 Large Photo FLT009 Large Photo
Complete Spec Sheet FLT213 Spec Sheet FLT893 Spec Sheet FLT224 Spec Sheet FLT209 Spec Sheet FLT009 Spec Sheet
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