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These switches are more appropriate for applications that require a larger, sturdier piece or that involve particulate matter. Our aquahub brand kits are great for aquarium top-off and ebb and float hydroponics applications. Our BAS001 is a great ready-made solution for low level alert in 55 gallon drum applications.

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FLT006 FLT901 aquahub kits FLT801 BAS001


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ISO 9001 Factory N/A
Price - 1 Piece $49.99 $10.79 $39.99-$89.99 $157.00 $219.00
Price - 25 pieces $41.99 $10.39 N/A $146.00 $199.00
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Threading Type 1/4" NPT Tethered N/A 1-11.5NPT Std 55 Gal Drum
Straight Threading
Fastening Nut Included
Seals via Included Silicon O-ring
Tapered Threading
Self Seals When Mounting
Stem Material 316 Stainless PVC Jacket Polypropylene Polysulfone Polypropylene/PVC
Float Material 316 Stainless EPDM Polypropylene No Float Polypropylene
Integrated Slosh Guard
Float Specific Gravity .55 .9 .8 No Float .8
Temperature Rating Max 200C Max 70C -10 to +80C Max 80-100C Max 80C
Float Diameter 2.0"/51mm 2.0" / 51mm N/A No Float .75"
Stem Length (overall) 3.4"/86mm N/A N/A No Float 40"-fits std drum
Lead Wires 22 ga., 24" 6.5' N/A 6-8" N/A
Normally Closed
Invert Float to Reverse to Normally Open Operation
Normally Open Version Available by Special Order
Internal Reed UL Recognized No Reed No Reed
Overall Part UL Recognized